RFCHelper General FAQ

What are pretty-formatted RFCs?

RFCHelper analyzes the RFC (or IETF draft) you open and display a tree view of sections or page-indexing as navigator. Also RFCHelper uses different text style, including font, size and color to distinguish the section titles and footer/headers when display RFC document.

Does RFCHelper support IETF drafts?

Yes, RFCHelper is designed to do so. However, some of drafts are not well formatted so that it is impossible to parse them correctly.

What is RFC Index File, and what is RFC collection?

RFC Index File, namely rfc-index.txt, is a file contains citations for all FCs in numeric order. RFC collection is a zipped package of almost all RFCs. They can be downloaded on many web or FTP sites, e.g., ftp://ftp.rfc-editor.org/in-notes/. They will be updated from time to time and RFCHelper's built-in download tools keep your RFCs in up-to-day status.

I don't like some of the text colors, how to change it?

Sorry, RFCHelper cannot support style customization right now. Maybe the later version will support.

When I open rfcxxxx.txt using RFCHelper, the leaves of the tree in Section View (or Page View) are all wrong, why?

There are some RFCs, especially old ones, which are not written in regular format and some drafts are very initial version and under construction. RFCHelper may NOT work correctly in these case. Fortunately, RFCHelper works well with most RFCs since year 1990 and what we read most were issued after that year. If you find any well-formed RFCs could not be handled by RFCHelper, please contact us via e-mail.