Need Help?

If you need support for your DForD Software product, click the product name on the left. You'll find product-specific FAQs, manuals, contact information, and more.

General FAQ

  1. How do I contact the DForD Software for support?

    For most of our applications, detailed information is available on the support pages specific to each product. You can use the navigation bar at the top of this page to visit the appropriate section.

  2. Does DForD Software offer educational pricing?

    Yes! We crruently do not offer free licenses for educational use, but we'll happy to offer you an additional 50% off discount. Let us know if you're interested and we'll set up a discount code for you.

  3. Guidelines for good bug reporting

    Useful information to include:

    The version of Operating System (Windows? Mac OS X? Linux?) that you are running, as well as any updates that have been applied (such as Service Patches, Linux kernel version, Linux distributor name).

    The version of the application that you are using. This can be found by choosing 'About ' from the Application menu.

    A good description of the problem you are seeing – what happens versus what you'd expect to have happen or what happened in previous version of the software.

    When describing cosmetic issues or anything else visual it can help if you include a screenshot that shows what you are seeing. If you attach it to the email you send us, it'll be very helpful. Thanks very much!

  4. How Do I Retrieve My License?

    If you purchased the application online you will receive the serial number in 24 hours after you purchase the license.

    If you have lost your serial number, please send us a mail, we'll reply as soon as possible via email.

  5. I sent in a question/bug report/feature request via email. How soon can I expect to get a response?

    We do our best to respond to all queries by the end of the following business day at the latest; we often respond more quickly than that, and sometimes it takes us a bit longer. Our first priority will always to be to respond to mail from folks that have purchased a license for one of our applications.

    When we make a new application (or a new update to an existing application) available for folks to try out, we tend to get much more email than we do at other points of the year. During those high-demand periods, we will respond to as much email as we possibly can, but we can't promise to respond to every message for those specific versions of our software. Rest assured that we do read all email, for all products, and while we may not be able to answer your question directly we do keep track of all user requests and bug reports.

  6. The license code I received isn’t working! What do I do?

    Try entering the code again, double-checking that the License Owner information and the Serial Number are exactly correct, with no spaces, tabs, or other characters added to either end. If those don't work, send email to [email protected] and we'll be happy to be of assistance.

  7. Does DForD Software with resellers?

    Yes, please send email to [email protected], and the appropriate folks here will get in touch with you.