Ninayan is a powerful information getting & reading tool.

Ninayan automatically collects links from your Twitter timeline, parse the link content, divide into images, videos and normal articles. People may browse pictures as album view, or watch videos one by one, or reading articles as a newspaper layouts. Also Google Reader is supported by Ninayan.

Ninayan is planned to support more social network services, such as Facebook, Google Plus etc.

Key Features

  1. Messages View

    Messages View

    Messages View acts as a general social network service traditional interactive user interface. According to the different social network service, users may browse home timeline, mentions, comments, retweets, favorites, direct messages, followers/followings list, user profiles and so on via Messages View.

  2. Images View

    Images View

    Images View collects all SNS messages attached URLs point to those well-known image bed service. It divides all images into different categories by month, and displays all thumbnails as an album. Any image may be displayed in full-screen view. The user may share these image URLs to SNSs again.

  3. Videos View

    Videos View

    Videos View collects all SNS messages attached URLs point to those world wide well-known video-sharing services including YouTube, Youku etc. It displays a thumbnail image for every video. Two-column UI layout allows the user selecting a video to watch at a time. The user may share the selected video's URL to SNSs.

  4. Articles View

    Articles View

    Articles View collects all SNS messages attached URLs which are not images or videos. Ninayan uses Readability algorithm to extract main content from web pages. And there is a Google Reader client feature uses Articles View UI. The user may share the current reading article's URL to SNSs. ReadItLater and Instapaper services are supported too.

  5. Google Reader Client

    Google Reader Client

    Ninayan integrates Google Reader client features. The user may add one Google account at most. Google Reader client features use Articles View UI. The user may read the latest unread items, share, like, starred and mark the items as read.


  • Ninayan account config page
  • Ninayan follower list
  • Ninayan image album view
  • Ninayan proxy config page
  • Ninayan articles 2-columns view